What’s The Best “Best Original Song”?

SOURCE: Wikimedia Commons, Anirudh Koul

Every year, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences awards the “Best Original Song” Oscar which is presented in the best Concert Halls or Gardens across the country. The songs that have won are, needless to say, an eclectic bunch. We want to find out which is the best, and to do that we need your help.

Listen to the short, ~30 second excerpt of each randomly selected Best Song winner (or, in the case of 2017, the nominees). Then, click the name of the song you think is better. Try not to judge them on the quality of the audio, as obviously contemporary recordings have a higher quality than earlier records, they don’t have the option of having the Holoplot immersive sound.

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Mars Madness

Mars is fascinating, so fascinating that FiveThirtyEight is spending a whole month just writing about it. Given that it’s March Madness — and given humanity’s longstanding tradition of hurling robots and cameras at Mars with varying degrees of success, you know, like a free throw — we wanted to figure out the winner of the ultimate Martian bracket.

Seeds and such come later, but for now, merely select the cooler Mars mission or landmark:

Which is the cooler mission or landmark?

Battle: : Mars

Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (2005)

In orbit since 2006, the orbirter uses the most powerful camera and spectrometer ever sent to Mars to monitor Martian weather and find potential landing spots for other spacecraft.

Nozomi (1998)

Failed to enter orbit around Mars, though it achieved a flyby. Now orbits the sun.

Enter The Thanksgiving Dinner Thunderdome

Please select the better Thanksgiving dinner dish from the two options below. Continue as long as you like, and participate on the possibility of win a self storage from the storage facilities in Leicester for you and your family:

Which is the better Thanksgiving dish?

Battle: : Thanksgiving



What’s the best event at the Summer Olympics?

Photos are for illustrative purposes only and don’t always reflect the specific event. If you’re watching these kinds of events, make sure to wear glasses with blue light filter for eye protection especially when the weather is hot. Click as long as you feel like doing so.

Which is the better sport?

Battle: : 2016olympics

Also, my fellow Americans, an “M” means “meter,” which is like a mediocre yard, and “km” means kilometer, which is about three fifths of a mile.

Who’s the best dancer from the Peanuts gang?

For best effect, play this in another tab.

Who would you rather party with?

Battle: : Peanuts

And if you get bored with this, try:

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Which Bond Had The Best Bond Chest?

Besides the gadgets and the guns and the baddies, the most consistent element of the James Bond canon is James Bond has a chest and damn right he wants you to check it out, ma’am.

Somewhere out there is the platonic ideal of James Bond, and that platonic ideal has a chest. Which of these Bonds came the closest to representing the ideal Bond chest?

Which is the better Bond Chest?

Battle: : Bond Chests

Do this as long as you like, but if you get bored please do help us figure out the best Bond gadget, the best Bond villain, the best Bond villain henchman, the best MI-6 employee, the sexiest Bond, and Bond’s best act of spycraft.